Edge Rack Solutions

Fusion can build and support any hybrid co-lo solution, with effortless on site support, fast response times, redundancy / reliability checks and mini data centre solutions.


Edge Rack SolutionsNobody can move to the cloud or co-lo 100%. After the dream has been sold reality emerges – you will always have on premises IT equipment no matter what you do. At a minimum core switching, routers and probably more.

The end result is less physical equipment at each location, but an increase in criticality – if a switch loses power nobody connected to the switch can connect to the cloud and local productivity turns to zero. Your co-lo cannot help you. Fusion can take care of this by building and supporting your hybrid solution, with effortless on site support and mini data centre solutions.

  • Single / Double rack self contained data centres
  • Simple monthly fees for all inclusive support on your edge equipment
  • Fast response times
  • Redundancy / reliability checks
  • Hardware consolidation


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