CRACS & Precision Cooling

Fusion is a leading provider of Computer room cooling (CRACS) & Precision cooling systems from Stulz, Emerson, APC & more.


Emerson APC temperzoneAir conditioners are typically the biggest moving parts in a modern commercial facility, and always critical. There is a science to sizing and installing air conditioners, but it’s often overlooked or the parameters change post installation leading to either under sized or oversized systems, which leads to either increased risk or over-capitalisation and excessive operational cost. Fusion can help you choose the correct air conditioner or CRAC for your situation and make sure it will do the job correctly, minimise your risk, and operate efficiency. We stock systems from Emerson, Stulz, APC & more.

  • Data Centre Precision Cooling Systems (CRACs)
  • Commercial Package Air Conditioners
  • Commercial Split Air Conditioners

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